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The Johnny Willz Mixtape 1
Be With Her
Here To Stay (Remix)
Miss You (Remix)

The Johnny Willz Mixtape 2
Turn On The Radio (Intro)
Alone (Remastered Version)
Friday ft. J-Money
Get By ft. Wizayimes
Alone (Remastered Version)
Friday ft. J-Money
Heartbeat ft. Dezert Eagle & Wizayimes
High ft. MNC, Dezert Eagle & Wizayimes
Kulimbana Ndi Njuchi ft. D1
M Dubs
Ndekha ft. Shawishe
One For My Mama ft. Wizayimes
Open Cage (Interlude) w/ Dezert Eagle
Skit 1 (Video Shoot)
Skit 2 (On Alone)
Skit 3 (Chichewa)
Temptation ft. Dezert Eagle & Wizayimes
They Don't Know
Till I'm Dead and Gone
What You See (Wizayimes)

The Johnny Willz Mixtape 3
The Soldiers Song
Naseelah - I Want It All
Theo Thomson ft Yung Kay - Wachabe (Bad Guy)
Ace Derrty ft Johnny Willz - Dolo
Mr Slyk ft. Desert Eagle - It's All Good
Desert Eagle - Low Budget
Iceberg & NIC - Never Left
Desert Eagel ft. Bagpac - System Overload
Desert Eagle - Never Get Enough
Heads of State - That's How We Roll
Bagpac ft Mr Slyk & Johnny Willz - Nightrous
Incyt ft Jabay - Don't Forget Me
It Takes Two ft Bagpac & Yesaya
Danny Parker & Ron - So Gone (Inspiration)
Bagpac - Love Is In The Air
Danny Parker & Ron - Love Life
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The Johnny Willz Mixtape 4
Incyt ft. Johnny Willz - Blantyre Swag
Macquan ft. 3rd Eye and Oxy - Hands Up & Wave
Desert Eagle ft. Hazel - Hunger for More
Paper ft. St Bosserati & D.Dot
Maquan ft. Frankie - Chinese Swag
Desert Eagle ft. Dan Lu & Johnny Willz - Miss You
Johnny Willz as Jay Dubz - Weekend Special
Maquan ft. Johnny Willz - Drinks On Ice
La La La ft. Ace Derrty & Mr Slyk
Hazel Mac ft. Desert Eagle & Frankie - Paradise
Ice Berg & NIC - Any Given Sunday
Peace, Love & Happiness
Frankie ft Maquan - I'm The Sh*t
Demarco ft. Ice Berg, Johnny Willz & NIC - No Whore
Incyt ft. Johnny Willz - My Life
Macquan ft Johnny WIllz - Predator Remix
Desert Eagle ft. St Bosserati & Tappa Ranx - Hillz
Desert Eagle - Thanks & Praise
Incyt ft. Marco Sadiki - Don't Forget Me
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