Brand New Exclusive Tracks

14-02-2012 - Happy Valentines Day
Aycee - China Love
Aycee - China Love Remix ft Yesaya
SeanFocus - L.O.V.eez Me

Yesaya - Konko

01.03.2011. 04:56


Peter Smitty Ngwale 04.03.2011. 01:45

sick track!!

Mr M0n3y 04.03.2011. 14:49

listened to it and its dope. Nibe one Yesaya.

April-Michelle Chikapa 15.03.2011. 06:21

da flow z sic

anna..soko 04.04.2011. 06:49

yesaya ur the best! i love this tune

Young trouble 06.04.2011. 07:02

Love it man, its asick tune at dis moment love it!!!

Kieron Marshall 08.04.2011. 18:32

Dats a sick tune man, great staff indeed..... Yeah!! as the Journey continues, 360 Gypsy 4sho....

henry mpatse 26.04.2011. 17:24

man u da best

Kaisi 10.06.2011. 14:23

Umaitha ayise

Amos midima 03.07.2011. 23:31

Man u are locking keep it up

Servant One 01.08.2011. 18:42

jay josh, thats wassup my dude!!

Mungo 02.08.2011. 09:40

hw about us songwriters?can u create a new category 4 songwrtrz 2 upload their own lyrics and maybe do a weekly or monthly competition 2 fynd a winner whose lyrics can then be used by a known artist in m-dubz and thus promoting them as well..jst an idea.koma pliz sumbody answr me..kip up tha gud wrk!

fundo swagg-b 11.08.2011. 17:47

dats wassup,kip t on doin dis rap shirt ting

gracius jere 09.11.2011. 02:08

"live it up" is the latest eclipse song you have to listen to it its tight

Audrina T 09.11.2011. 02:12

The gj guy is crazy

marks 60000 09.11.2011. 02:24

Thats not the real Gracious jere.look to your right

Aquelle 11.11.2011. 11:42

this tracks r dope,,,sure..

tamara khonje 11.11.2011. 16:26

u guyz ur the best .i lov it man

tha genesis 12.11.2011. 08:24

metamorez ep is off the hizzy. Mwtunes ndi one

daniel miller-clarke 17.11.2011. 04:59

this guys going in!!!
age name .. geez

2faced4face 17.11.2011. 07:38

powerful audio, amazing breath of fresh air metamore. where in the hell have u been all along? malawi needs creative people like u. u multiply the kwacha son. deserve it!!!

BURNINGRUBBER 20.11.2011. 06:30


Mc2idana 27.12.2011. 22:45

The music is gud

G-KELLY 06.01.2012. 08:26

Powerful audio big up mwtunes madolo zili nya twa I jast wana say halla to all fez

Frank chitala 09.02.2012. 16:37

Awwwww, w r there nw

Mp 15.02.2012. 13:35

hmmmm so im not a fan i c ayayayayaya

Mp 15.02.2012. 13:41

we dont have that china love hehehehehe

Chrispinwanje 09.03.2012. 15:09

The Tracks are Nyc

Evans Boyd Kadongola 19.03.2012. 06:10

Nyimbo zabwino yes! ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!

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Bright zee-zy wa chaula 26.09.2013. 07:12

Big up amalawi mumatha!

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